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When the metro becomes a restaurant! Tired of eating on the go between two metro stops? Make a stop at the right station: Damremont. You will not find it on the RATP’s plans, yet it’s by far the best. White tiles, orange seats of the RATP, metro plans and road signs. Don’t be surprised, you are in a restaurant! Fish and chips, fried burgers and daily specials are served on a metro ticket menu. Exploring urban travel, go to London to enjoy our fish and chips or for a change, join uncle Sam with our burgers and homemade fries. Finally you can stop in the city of light with a new cosmopolitan menu every day to experience the richness of our city. More than an urban network, our station creates a real connection between many local artisan enthusiasts to develop a home cooking menu based on freshness, quality and taste . The station is fresh and cool!


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